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New Month’s Day

New Year’s Day is a BIG day for most human beings, especially women and women in business. It is a day where we clean, get organized and plan. A day that makes us feel strong, determined, and ready to take on the world for the year ahead. And a day when we make the perfect plan, get the perfect processes, and clean out every speck of dust. Every year this is the day that, we believe, makes our ... Read More about New Month’s Day

Two Time Lessons

The other night I was mentoring a group of rockstars on my weekly 30-day Time Management Challenge call. We were talking about the blocks and hiccups that the rockstars were having. As everyone shared tidbits from their week, I found a few similarities between the thoughts and feelings that I was hearing. I was happy to share a few lessons and tips with these amazing people to help them continue ... Read More about Two Time Lessons

The #CalendarClub Challenge – Cycling Money

I have been cycling a lot this month. For the month of July, I am participating in the #calendarclub challenge that I discovered by following/watching Jesse Itzler run it in February 2020. I honestly thought that Jesse was crazy in running the days of the month in miles but it was inspiring. I am not a runner, but it was so fun watching him complete this challenge. Jesse is all about Building ... Read More about The #CalendarClub Challenge – Cycling Money

Fix your relationship with money

Because of the turbulent times of this pandemic so many people are wondering about money. They're wondering if they should spend now and save later or save now and spend later. Some are worried about their mortgage and car payments starting up again and how in the world they are going to pay for them while caring for their families. I know people who are racking up credit card debt trying to ... Read More about Fix your relationship with money

I Am Not Humpty Dumpty

This week was hard! Like, really hard. I had so much on my to-do list for each of my businesses. Between the to-do lists, the client calls and emails, the government deadlines, COVID-19 work, supporting my coaching clients, running the time management challenge, and wait...there was family stuff too. Guys, it was H.A.R.D. And I am not just talking about not having enough time or having scheduling ... Read More about I Am Not Humpty Dumpty

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